Friday, April 03, 2009

Till Monday: R U Cuff Enuf?

Photo credit (left to right from top): Meadham-Kirchhoff on brook&lyn, nast, My Daily Style, Altamira for Teen Vogue, Garance Doré, Karla's Closet

Another thought for the coming work week that doesn't involve links to something new to buy ...

Rolling up your cuffs has a very-slightl
y-80's feel (if you know what I mean), and revealing something underneath is nothing groundbreaking per se, but both details have the potential to make clothes that you're sick of feel brand-new again.

In other news: now that we're over yesterday's Top Shop opening, we can focus on other VIP arrivals in Soho. My dog Milo is returning from her hiatus in the countryside tomorrow.

(noble beast!)


Anonymous said...

i've linked you :)

your blog is good already :) its gonna be a hit :)


NOELLE said...

I love this layout and doberman's are my FAVORITE type of dog.