Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday: DIY Day

Two great D.I.Y inspirations for the weekend:

Doo.ri beaded tights ... directions here. Thanks Cup of Jo!

Tiffany Hsu's custom boots c/o Jak & Jil ... just add spurs, which you can find here and here. Just make sure to install them upside down (so it's important that the heel is high).

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I bought something

I got these shoes a few days ago. I was looking at Roberto Del Carlo shoes and the salesgirl was really giving me the hard sell on them ... but I kept turning over every shoe to look at the price and handing them right back to her. They were like $300-something! And then I said, wait what about these? I looked at the price and they were very reasonable. I told the girl that they were obviously the Poor Man's Roberto Del Carlo and she reluctantly agreed. Then I got them! My one pair of shoes for the summer.

My sister asked me how I can walk in them. It's easy; they aren't that high. I do walk down stairs kinda funny though. Importantly, my feet don't get dirty walking around NYC as I am raised above the Earth as if on my own personal
litter (that's a thing one lies on when one has slaves to carry ... one)--

I checked out the website of the brand (Antelope) and these aren't on there, furthermore the shoes that are on there are quite hideous. Strange!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Accessories: Copycat Sturgis

So I have to admit, I was really obsessed with these very expensive, very fine Katherine Sturgis bracelets. I thought they were ingenious, commended her craftsmanship on this blog, even wrote to her studio ... And then I found these at a totally affordable price at Urban Outfitters.


But I bought them. I feel a little guilty but hers were just completely out of my range. If hers were half the price (which is still a lot), I would have considered them. So, I don't know ... is there a lesson here?

Accessories: Tie Food

These are so cute! Take a look at each outfit: each is made up of fairly basic items worn in a simple way (cardigan or v-neck over white collared shirt - what's new) but the tie makes it special.

American Apparel is selling some gigantic weird tie thing and I'm sure there's a video where they show you how to use it as a scarf, belt, bow tie, resistance exerciser, sex toy, etc., but I refuse to even link to it because you can save the money and use something you already have, or make one, or thrift one.

Photo credits (left to right from top): Ebba N. on, Brook & Lyn, Molly M. on, Sheryl O. on, Léa B. on

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shoes: Gladihaters

The gladiator sandal reappeared as a trend in contemporary times in the years MMIV- MMV.

Yes, it was
over four years ago that Tara Subkoff did them for Easy Spirit, and the powers that be (WWD Accessories being one offender) are still trying to tell us that they are NEW for Spring. Listen, when the main sections of ALDO's website are "Pumps," "Shoes," "Sandals," "Boots," "Gladiator Glory," you know this style is not so edgy and NEW.

Anyway, I am not in Rome and I am not doing as the Romans/every girl on the L train. I couldn't even buy a shirt at Top Shop because I kept thinking of all the other people that would own it. So here are results of my search for something flat, sandalish, and mildly original (left to right from top):

1. Tapeet Vicini thong sandal $394.95

2. BCBG stretch sandal $198.00

3. Alexandra Cassaniti Summer Bummer slides $165

4. Roberto Del Carlo pink wedges $398

5. Pedro Garcia slides $360

6. Steve Madden bronze snake slide $49.95

P.S. I think the Birkenstock silhouette is the next Gladiator. Image credit: Iliyan Petkov.