Friday, November 13, 2009

Hahaha hats

First for the serious part: I think this hat is essential for Winter 09/10. Not just in an ears-covered way, but in a outfit-complete way. I have one that my husband got in Russia fifteen years ago or something. I don't know who he got it for, but her head was definitely not as small as this tiny hat. Anyway, you see my point:

It's a little creepy that this girl's hair is indistinguishable from the hat, but aside from that - very simple, very chic.

Now for the LOLZ. I was looking around for a place to send ya'll to buy a hat like this at a regular (non-fashion) price, and in the process I discovered only the WORST BEST MALE MODEL EVER.

Hats off to him for expressing the entire range of human emotion in a shoot for an e-commerce hat company. Now go get one (please, not with the dangly ears).

Photo credits: Igor Termenón, Garance Doré, Copenhagen Street Style.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Living and laving

I am obsessed with the voiceover artist in this ad. Can I please learn to talk like that? "Thanks for taking this meeting. I will be tahhlking and you will be bahying."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beautiful DIY

It might seem the height of laziness to just be posting someone else's pictures, but this is such a great "DIY"-ish combo ... a feather cape over a leather jacket.

From Le Blog de Betty.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Capsule Wardrobe Pt 3: The Black Album

When I first moved to New York back in 1862, I lived in a dorm at NYU. There was another freshmen girl I used to see in the elevator ALL THE TIME and she would say the same thing to me, in a way that made it clear that she did not remember that she had seen me or said this thing to me before!

"You always wear black - that is, like, so New York to me! I mean when I think of New York, that is what I think of. Someone like you dressed in black. Hahaha [weird nervous laugh]."

... Or some variation of this.
I could have prevented this embarrassing mini-monologue if I had worn ONE COLOR my whole freshmen year. But alas.

Later on, right after I graduated, I got really into clothes and shoes in a more "outfit" kind of way, and got into color. Of course, there was an older guy that I
liked and he gave me an obnoxious lecture about how I dressed too young (um, I was 23) and how I should wear more black. I stopped liking him.

Anyway, the truth is, I am going back to my dark days. It's so much easier! I could start a whole blog just about black outfits. I think they're inspiring because most people already have pieces they can put to work in recreating a similar look.

If you have any black outfit images (of you or from the web), send them on over to holierthannowblog at gee mail! I will put them up with a link to you - and probably totally copy them in my daily wardrobe.

Image credits (from top): Wayne Tippets, Stockholm Street Style, Stylesightings, Olsens Anonymous.