Friday, November 13, 2009

Hahaha hats

First for the serious part: I think this hat is essential for Winter 09/10. Not just in an ears-covered way, but in a outfit-complete way. I have one that my husband got in Russia fifteen years ago or something. I don't know who he got it for, but her head was definitely not as small as this tiny hat. Anyway, you see my point:

It's a little creepy that this girl's hair is indistinguishable from the hat, but aside from that - very simple, very chic.

Now for the LOLZ. I was looking around for a place to send ya'll to buy a hat like this at a regular (non-fashion) price, and in the process I discovered only the WORST BEST MALE MODEL EVER.

Hats off to him for expressing the entire range of human emotion in a shoot for an e-commerce hat company. Now go get one (please, not with the dangly ears).

Photo credits: Igor Termenón, Garance Doré, Copenhagen Street Style.


The Queen of Hearts said...

I believe these are called ushankas. I remember my brother used to wear them all the time when he was a little boy.

Francheska said...

gotta love it x

harps said...

aww haha he looks good! my bf has one with the dangly ears, its really rather endearing.