Friday, May 29, 2009

Blue Note

I wasn't going to do this post because I felt that the denim/chambray shirt was too much of an "it" item, but then I looked in my little archive folder.

I realized that there were so many ways to put your own spin on the item - and isn't that what it's all about? If you do it right, the "trendiness" of the individual piece kind of disappears and it's all about the look as a whole.

So with joy, I bring you the blues:

A few places to get it here:

Left to right:

1. Miss Selfridge short sleeve, long length U.K. 40 (if you wonder why I always include this store - they ship to the U.S. for very low shipping fee).
2. Top Shop long sleeve, long length, $60
3. Current Elliot chambray nightshirt, $215
4. Antipodium dress, $269

Photo credits (left to right): The Sartorialist, Haute Pursuit, Keep Feeling Fascination, Garance Doré My Daily Style (now defunct blog), Punky B.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Sh**

Big shoes for tiny dollars (relatively).

Left to right from top:

1. Gold platform, Bronx (I'm awaiting details from the U.S. distributor because these don't seem to be available online yet - will update).
2. Black and Grey and Red, BCBG, on sale from $240 down to $139.99
3. Mauve lace up, Top Shop, $110
4. Contributor by Rachel Comey, Urban Outfitters, $78
5. Fashion-Toastish black lace up bootie, Steve Madden, $149.95
6. Beige with lace up detail by We Who See, Urban Outfitters, was $88 now $79
7. Patent red wedge by Christian Louboutin, was $495 now $346.99 - size 5 and 7!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweat It

I thought I should do a post about what I actually wear every day! Haha [<- also the sound people make in their heads when they see me at the deli everyday in the same outfit]. I guess I can send the haters to this post - look bitches, I am chic!

The center photos above are Isabel Marant pants and Stefanel jumpsuit from left to right - of course only Europeans would take the American sweatpant and make it look so chic. And these are not available online in the U.S. in case you wondered why I wasn't giving up the goods. But here are some other goods for your wardrobe essentials pleasure.

1. Urban Outfitters (on sale) $28
2. American Apparel men's slimfit drawstring (good luck finding this style in women's without a school logo or some horrible branding. As for plain basics -- why does everyone think women want to look like they are going to a yoga class at every moment?) $36
3. American Apparel hoodie tunic $39
4. Tian Mu halter jumpsuit (I HATE the way this is styled but I think it has potential - also, psyched to find this website that specializes in trendy Asian brands) $30.50

Photo credits (left to right from top): Garancé Dore (top blonde and brunette in jacket and sweatpants beneath), Yorick Nube, Altamira for Teen Vogue, That's Chic, Vogue UK via TFS.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bright Young Pinks

There are certain times when you really question yourself as a creative person - like when you become obsessed with something that pretty much no one else likes.

A few years ago I saw my BFF Milla wearing fluorescent pink nail polish (this was way before it was sold at Urban Outfitters), and I became obsessed with bright, bright pinks. Because I work in commerce and people were supposed to actually buy things I was working on (and I wasn't working on Pepto Bismol packaging), it was kind of a weird color to get behind. Anyway, it gives me great satisfaction to see it becoming so important. It's the new true red.

I love it as a single piece (like Leigh's dress), but I love it more as a detail because it looks so good with black, pale denim, and my love-of-my-life sweatshirt grey.

(If I had a little Risko Barbie, I would dress her up in this Top Shop bra under a loose grey tank dress.)

Left to right from top:

1. Top Shop bustier bra, Top Shop $32
2. Bubblegum Bandage skirt, Nasty Gal $52
3. Gestuz very pink dress, Pixie Market $121
4. Faux Ray Bans, Forever 21 $5.80 (actually I really love these)
5. Pepto brogues, Top Shop $125

And in a somewhat related story, I just want to say I am loving The Stylish Wanderer (top right image) and you should follow her on Twitter- unless you're a guy, in which case it may be illegal to follow a 13 year old girl. Sometimes I wonder if she is real, or if someday she'll be revealed to be another lonelygirl15 or Black Ascot ... (check out the latter if you haven't yet- amazing bogus blog).

And you can follow me too on Twitter while you're at it.

Photo credits (left to right from top): Le Blog de Betty, The Stylish Wanderer (follow her on Twitter!), Mari S. on, Leigh Lezark on Stylesightings, Louboutins by Jak & Jil.