Friday, May 22, 2009

The Basics: Hey There Delilah

Something to remember when you wake up tomorrow morning hungover/lazy. It's really not that hard to get dressed.

I reserve the right do this this post again in a year. I will never stop loving plain white tees.

1. Top Shop corset tee, $32.00
2. James Perse pocket cover-up, $90.00
3. Miss Selfridge ruffle tunic tee (I used this in Grey Ghosts, I heart it), 20.00 UK
4. Forever 21 basic V, $12
5. J. Crew ragged details, $29.50

Photo credits (left to right from top): Stylesightings, Knightcat, Nast, 4th and Bleeker, Tagrid, Childhood Flames

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Swim Class

So recently I tried on (ewww) and purchased (hmmm) a one-piece bathing suit. I have not put something like this on my body since grade 7 when I went to my now-BFF's pool party and I forgot a bathing suit. I had to wear this white kind-of-ruched-fabric thing that was so high-cut in the leg and had such a low scoop neck that I looked like an unfortunate victim of an underage photoshoot circa 1970. Where was Dov Charney when I was 12?

Well, I've come a long way, baby, because I'm rocking the look again. I bought the one in the bottom right, by Roxy. It has an amazing braided neon detail. I can't do a bikini this year- I just had a 10 lb. baby four months ago so, yeah, not happening.

Since we are all apparently so comfortable wearing spandex as day-wear (thanks Dov!), you have to admit that the one-piece is a VERY versatile item. You can put on shorts over it and actually be decent enough to go into 7-11.

And another thing: the vintage ones available are AMAZING! If it skeeves you out to buy a used bathing suit, you can always cut off the bottom bit and tuck it into your high-waisted shorts.

Ok so it's questionable whether that Neil Krug image in the top left really involves a bathing suit, but you know what I mean!

Left to right from top:

1. Mara Hoffman, $198 (the blue one sold out I guess since last night? But red is still available)
2. Hayden Hartnett, $178
3. Vintage with 1920's print $36.00
4. Vintage 80's $39.00
5. Vintage 80's blue and white, $28.00
6. Vintage 80's cut out (rad!!), $39.00
7. Vintage 80's deep V, $45.00
8. Roxy, $80.00

The chic with the hat in the inspiration collage is wearing this, and seemingly everyone at Coachella was wearing this.

And here are a few more not depicted: Urban, Top Shop


Photo credits (left to right in collage): Neil Krug, Israel Rivera, Style Sightings, V Magazine, American Apparel, Karina Givargisoff (stylist), Sports Illustrated, Roxy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

eye heart it

My sister suggested I do a post on sunglasses. Is this what you meant Lizzyville? Whahahahah.

This is very 2008, in my opinion, but yet ... all these people somehow pull it off. How do they do it? I couldn't fit this chic's whole look in the collage, but I have to give #1 props to her.

Anyway, if you must:

Fred Flare, and more Fred Flare. Plasticland, and Forever 21.

Photo credits (left to right from top): Very Special Report, Style Sightings, Knightcat (hugging and rose tinted), unknown.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Back, again.

So I thought this subject deserved more attention (I posted some of these inspirations the other day, but I was too busy to do any more research). When I started searching for the buy-able items for this idea, I got very into it. So much is on sale, and I was inspired about ways to do the look ... some of the images are old, but the styling feels really relevant.

When I used to do shows (as a singer) back in the day, I actually made a black backless shirt with a piece of fabric and a piece of satin string. It had like ... 20 stitches total, sewn by hand. I used to wear it with a necklace that had a long chain at the back that was an extension of the clasp - but the idea of flipping a necklace, especially all the long ones around now, is appealing.

You may ask what you are supposed to do with the front ... and aren't the annoying touchy-feely people you know going to try to turn your necklace around when they see the clasp? I'm sure you'll figure it out ... add a charm to the clasp, layer with another necklace facing forward, etc.

The bottom line is: who cares when you have the drama at the back?

From top:

1. Indie Shopper dusty pink backless dress $185 +
Forever 21 pearl multi-strand necklace $16.80.

2. Urban Outfitters backless dress with built-in necklace $34.99

3. Leviticus silver harness $89 +
Boulee backless dress $135 (was $407!)

4. Top Shop multi-strand necklace $100 +
Cecilia de Bucourt gladiator tank (there's no direct link for some reason) $158

5. Fluxus basic backless top $46.50 (was $62)+
Forever 21 drop necklace $5.80 +
Forever 21 pendant necklace $11.80.

Photo credits (left to right from top): Ashley Olsen via Celebrity Gossip, Cobrasnake, Le Fashion, Sienna Miller via Team Sugar, Kate Bosworth via Daily Mail UK.