Friday, April 17, 2009

Till Monday: Thrift List

A few years ago this bitter hipster guy went off to me about the demise of thrift stores - how 10 years ago they were so great, full of 60's and 70's stuff, and now they were all 80's clothes. Like dude, Time is such a bastard!

Whatever. One man's existential pain is another girl's perfect pleated pant. A few items for your second-hand pleasure below.

What's on your thrifting list?

Photo credits (left to right from top): Stockholm Street Style, Le Blog de Betty, Streetpeeper, Jak + Jil Blog.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Accessories: Net Assets

Girls, now you CAN hide those lyin' eyes --

Put Kenley Collins out of your mind. There is something kind of creepy and demure at once about wearing a veil, and they look good sitting around your bedroom.

Left to right from top:

1. Sparkle veil pill box hat $45.00
2. Vintage Jean Patou question mark hat $695.00 (but how friggin' awesome)
3. "Rome Fascinator" $38.00
4. "Sophie" vintage bow head piece $129.00

The rectangular net panel that just goes across the eyes (worn by that pink panther in the first top left image) is called a Venetian veil; (here's one). Kanye West can trade in his Venetian shades for this to usher in his new demure phase.

Photo credits (left to right from top): Glamcanyon, Vogue Fr via Capuccino Bar, Top Shop, Face Hunter, Lula Magazine.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh Mickey

It makes perfect sense to me that the only tee graphic with any authenticity left (after Urban Outfitters ruined "vintage" tees forever) is from the most tightly controlled licensor in the world. Maybe your BFF Miley can get you a soft grey tee with vintage Mickey doing jazz hands? Because they are impossible to come by.

Since Disney doesn't understand girls over the age of 13, the only covetable item available anywhere on the web (and believe me, I looked) is this men's grey sweatshirt. But I bet size small would be perfect.

Get it here.

Photo credits (clockwise from left ear): Unknown (girl with ears), Nast (leaning girl with vest), Bec Parsons via In Search of Little Sadie (girl on beach), Drew Barrymore in POP Magazine via src783, Yen (girl with blue dress, ears), Cobrasnake (girl in blue glasses).


Yellow is a good color, especially for "vintage" wayfarers that are $4.99.

Photo credits (left to right from top): Sequin Magazine, Face Hunter, Garance Doré .

1. Knockaround $7
2. Vintage wayfarers $4.99

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Accessories: All in the Wrist

Presenting my complete obsession with signature wrist-wear in 12 pieces (plus some serious deals if you want to shop it):

Photo credits (from top, the girls): Erin Wasson for RCVA, Dree Hemingway in Vogue France, July Stars, Adriana Lima in Elle, Miroslava Duma on Garance Doré, Cobrasnake.

1. Cross and charms bracelet $10.95

2. Tara Tarantino skulls bracelet $100.00

3,4. Custom rolexes, Chrome Hearts and John Isaac Designs. Price upon request (sadly)

5. Paola Loves 2 Shop braided charms only $5.25 each with code HOLIER at checkout!

6. Disaya zipper cuff $113 (50% off dude!)

7. Fred Flare Faux-Lex $30.00'

8. CC Skye studs wrap bracelet $185.00

9. Hermè s Kelly Dog cuff, $890 (in stores).

10. Braided black and silver bracelet $16.00

11. Mary Kate Steinmiller rainbow and rhinestone bracelets $60 (at Charlotte Ronson but not online)

12. Fred Flare rainbow cuff $15.00