Friday, April 17, 2009

Till Monday: Thrift List

A few years ago this bitter hipster guy went off to me about the demise of thrift stores - how 10 years ago they were so great, full of 60's and 70's stuff, and now they were all 80's clothes. Like dude, Time is such a bastard!

Whatever. One man's existential pain is another girl's perfect pleated pant. A few items for your second-hand pleasure below.

What's on your thrifting list?

Photo credits (left to right from top): Stockholm Street Style, Le Blog de Betty, Streetpeeper, Jak + Jil Blog.


Celia of ANTM said...

Ummm hmm the list doesn't really exist I just kind of wait for things to appear in front of me. I'd like some NOT Roman sandals, brown leather or possibly gold. Something versatile, springy, buckly, and not from Urban Outfitters.

Hannah said...

Men's blazers def, and always nice shirts. I've basically given up on pants, although occasionally there will be something perfect. Plus, I always browse the CDs for my favorite trashy pop.

casual cutie said...

I love that blazers