Sunday, April 12, 2009

Accessories: All in the Wrist

Presenting my complete obsession with signature wrist-wear in 12 pieces (plus some serious deals if you want to shop it):

Photo credits (from top, the girls): Erin Wasson for RCVA, Dree Hemingway in Vogue France, July Stars, Adriana Lima in Elle, Miroslava Duma on Garance Doré, Cobrasnake.

1. Cross and charms bracelet $10.95

2. Tara Tarantino skulls bracelet $100.00

3,4. Custom rolexes, Chrome Hearts and John Isaac Designs. Price upon request (sadly)

5. Paola Loves 2 Shop braided charms only $5.25 each with code HOLIER at checkout!

6. Disaya zipper cuff $113 (50% off dude!)

7. Fred Flare Faux-Lex $30.00'

8. CC Skye studs wrap bracelet $185.00

9. Hermè s Kelly Dog cuff, $890 (in stores).

10. Braided black and silver bracelet $16.00

11. Mary Kate Steinmiller rainbow and rhinestone bracelets $60 (at Charlotte Ronson but not online)

12. Fred Flare rainbow cuff $15.00


syd vicious said...

Hey! Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you but yes, I'd love to exchange links. I added you :)

Mads said...

Why are you teasing me with all those goodies??=P I'm loving the selection esp the zip bangle and the Hermes Kelly Dog Cuff.. Hope you check out my blog too love to exchange links.. linked you already..=)

Lindsay said...

Those zipper bangles are super cute! Thanks for sharing :)