Friday, April 03, 2009

Till Monday: R U Cuff Enuf?

Photo credit (left to right from top): Meadham-Kirchhoff on brook&lyn, nast, My Daily Style, Altamira for Teen Vogue, Garance Doré, Karla's Closet

Another thought for the coming work week that doesn't involve links to something new to buy ...

Rolling up your cuffs has a very-slightl
y-80's feel (if you know what I mean), and revealing something underneath is nothing groundbreaking per se, but both details have the potential to make clothes that you're sick of feel brand-new again.

In other news: now that we're over yesterday's Top Shop opening, we can focus on other VIP arrivals in Soho. My dog Milo is returning from her hiatus in the countryside tomorrow.

(noble beast!)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jewelry: Hoop Dreams

I have several pairs of earrings that I bought like a magpie. They were so bright and sparkly! I had a vision of wearing them in all their over-sized, rhinestone, Indian maharani glory with just a white tee-shirt and jeans. And I do love the way they look ... in my jewelry box.

What I really wear almost every days is hoops (usually gold). I never have to think about whether they're taking away from what I'm wearing; they are always adding. Once in a while one falls off somewhere and I have to go back to H&M and get another value set of 20 in varying sizes.

But maybe I should upgrade, because there's definitely a new generation of minimalist perfection available. And lots of opportunity to support the artisans of Etsy.

From left to right:

Mizuki $365

Hothoops $13.00 (!!)

Sstargell $22.00 (!!)

Elsa Peretti
$265 (These have a dual personality. If your Goth cousin is looking at them, they're something you bought at a piercing shop. If your mom is looking at them, they're 100% Tiffany).

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Shoes: These Boots Were Made For Making

Photo credit (left to right from top): Isabel Marant, TFS via Knightcat, Queen Michelle @ Kingdom of Style, Rumi @ Fashiontoast

Part 1- When the March issue of US Vogue came out, I died over this Isabel Marant ad (top left). Everything perfect- shirt, shorts, boots. Never heard of her, but must have boots. Googled. Nothing. Boots? Not happening - don't think she evens sells shoes.

Part 2- Knightcat elucidates with image of model seemingly styling the boots by hand backstage at Isabel Marant (top right).

Part 3- The source of inspiration may differ (and studs instead of chains) but the bottom line is: handicraft may put Steve Madden and Aldo out of
business. See Michelle. See Rumi. (Bottom right and left, respectively).

See what you can do with a pair of boots and a pile of biker paraphernalia?

Also of note: Isabel Marant intrigued others (see July Stars). Hopefully about to blow up ... where are the U.S. stockists?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Basics: Grey Ghosts

Photo credits (left to right, from top): William Wegman, Altamira, My Delusional Mind, Garance Doré for

Weimaraners (those grey hounds above) are nicknamed Grey Ghosts. Their coats are the same silvery grey in black and white or in color- no wonder Wegman loved taking their picture.

Sweatshirt grey is the perfect neutral to me. It flatters every skin tone (moreso than black or white I think), and it goes so beautifully with red lips or red nails. I think every basic should come in grey, but they don't! It took some time to round these up, but I want to buy them all and wear them until they fade into nothing.

From top row, left to right:

Forever 21 with neon seams, $9.80.

James Perse, $65.00.

Miss Selfridge, UK 20.00 (they ship to the U.S., pretty low shipping).

KAIN, $88.00.

J. Crew cashmere (an essential), $145.

Norma Kamali french terry blazer for Walmart, $20. Go to the store! It's not online, even though Bazaar says it is.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Shoes: No thigh high boots? Socks for you dude.

The French have a way with language as well as fashion. They have a precise, stand-alone word for thigh high boots (cuissardes), and when they translate the phrase "mommy and me," it comes out like this:

Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (Photos: Altamira, Garance Doré)

But alas not all of us speak the language. I invest in one pair of black boots a season and wear them out. When I think of putting my money into a pair of thigh high boots, this comes to mind.

I like the look though, in some ways and with some outfits (this is exactly the same way I feel about leggings). And with that
, I give you:

Photo credit (left to right from top): Altamira, Elle news blog (Sarah Bates, Katie Carter, Lilia De Gregory), The Sartorialist.

Let's talk about socks (baybeee). It's not fully Spring yet here on the East Coast, and where you are maybe it is never Spring, so there's some time before F09 to experiment. I'm thinking: in contrasting black/dark grey, over tights, above existing black boots.

Here are some to get you started (for about 1/10th the price of the boots).

For further reading on les cuissardes, visit this post on Garance. And for advanced sock-age, visit this image on The Sart. To read about someone who is SO not cutting corners on the thigh-high boot front, you must go here!