Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jewelry: Hoop Dreams

I have several pairs of earrings that I bought like a magpie. They were so bright and sparkly! I had a vision of wearing them in all their over-sized, rhinestone, Indian maharani glory with just a white tee-shirt and jeans. And I do love the way they look ... in my jewelry box.

What I really wear almost every days is hoops (usually gold). I never have to think about whether they're taking away from what I'm wearing; they are always adding. Once in a while one falls off somewhere and I have to go back to H&M and get another value set of 20 in varying sizes.

But maybe I should upgrade, because there's definitely a new generation of minimalist perfection available. And lots of opportunity to support the artisans of Etsy.

From left to right:

Mizuki $365

Hothoops $13.00 (!!)

Sstargell $22.00 (!!)

Elsa Peretti
$265 (These have a dual personality. If your Goth cousin is looking at them, they're something you bought at a piercing shop. If your mom is looking at them, they're 100% Tiffany).

1 comment:

cherie said...

I horde earrings too! They really complete a look. Those Elsa Peretti's are adorable :)