Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Shoes: These Boots Were Made For Making

Photo credit (left to right from top): Isabel Marant, TFS via Knightcat, Queen Michelle @ Kingdom of Style, Rumi @ Fashiontoast

Part 1- When the March issue of US Vogue came out, I died over this Isabel Marant ad (top left). Everything perfect- shirt, shorts, boots. Never heard of her, but must have boots. Googled. Nothing. Boots? Not happening - don't think she evens sells shoes.

Part 2- Knightcat elucidates with image of model seemingly styling the boots by hand backstage at Isabel Marant (top right).

Part 3- The source of inspiration may differ (and studs instead of chains) but the bottom line is: handicraft may put Steve Madden and Aldo out of
business. See Michelle. See Rumi. (Bottom right and left, respectively).

See what you can do with a pair of boots and a pile of biker paraphernalia?

Also of note: Isabel Marant intrigued others (see July Stars). Hopefully about to blow up ... where are the U.S. stockists?


M* said...

There's a symilar pair in Zara.
Congratulations new mom!

Hebden said...

FYI - Curve was (is) selling them...but they're over $1,000 (gulp)...gorgeous boots though.