Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Web Hunt: Motocross Jeans

Ah, the Balmain motocross jeans ... the stuff of legend, already sold out everywhere and creating debate on the World Wide Web. The "IT" item is dead; long live the "IT" item.

I'm not about knock-offs... these Pratt's motocross jeans at Free People are arguably more wearable than the Balmain because they don't have holes - even HR folks that allow jeans don't want to see Bret Michaels at the coffee machine. These hit all the marks and more in the details. They're 1/10th of the price and actually available in most sizes.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

no she's not! (yet)

But I rest my case! Marketers spend zillions trying to instill in your subconscious the desirous drive that just made you click.

The Blogger Interview Series: Jasmine @ Fashiongrail

I've become increasingly curious about the unique breed of entrepreneurial women known as fashion bloggers. Fashiongrail - the home of "celebrity copycat" - covers such a vast range of lifestyle tips, tricks and shopping that it's almost impossible to believe all of the content is created by one Jasmine (especially considering her reign as fashion queen of Twitter). A few words with the lady behind the laptop: