Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Money where Mouth is

So I've been going on about this capsule wardrobe thing, but I swear guys, I am building it. Pretty soon I'm going to be alerting the media that my son has floated off ... latte-colored essentials aloft.

Ok not funny. But here's something that will make you laugh: how much money is still in your bank account after you buy these pieces, and where you can buy them:

This is not some kind of online illusion. Also I have no connection to this retailer, except that I bought clothes there today. If I could give you a money back guarantee that you will be happy when these show up on your doorstep, I would. The fabric, the details, the color, and the cut are all RIGHT ON. Even that sweater - I know it appears sketchy, but trust! And the puffer jacket- I am shocked to report that the color is WAY NICER IN PERSON.

OLD NAVY (!!)- $69.50 pea coat, $59.50 puffer, $35 sweater.

You can thank "the economy" for creating an environment where you actually have to restrain yourself in this store because the stuff is SO NICE.

Surely some people were fired from their Maxmara/Zara/Club Monaco jobs and had no choice but to enlist in the Navy and make these beauties. God Bless America.


I swear this is just a coincidence that both of these are Daria, although I did have the first one on my wall for six months while I was pregnant. When you have a growing basketball on your midsection, you really can hardly believe you will ever just wear a gray sweater with tight pants again.

Anyway, I love both of these. Look at the white tee in the second ... perfection (hate the fringe on the vest, but I can overlook that). Also, what is that sequined bib business (technically a Balmain "beaded suede sash")? That is the type of thing that I put on and I go running to my husband like: Hey, isn't this cool? And he looks at me like:

I'm not trying to be cute, that's really as close to the expression as I can get without taking a picture of him. This was his reaction when I showed him the feather ring. And he always says: "That's ridiculous." But in a nice way.

Image credits (from top): Paris Vogue, via Knightcat, Dog Time.