Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rooms: Closet Addict

This weekend I'm going to open up my Spring clothes trunk and reorganize my closet so it looks like ...

Photo credits (left to right from top): Annakim Violette (stylist) by Todd Selby, Tracee Ellis Ross pub. unknown, Jenna Lyons in Domino, Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti in Domino, Willamain Somma, Erin Wasson by Todd Selby, Fergie in InStyle, Corinne Day Vogue UK, Tracee Ellis Ross pub. unknown, Vanessa Giovacchini & Marylouise Pels (designers and DJs) by Todd Selby.

Basics: The New Little Black ... (I can't actually write that)

The one item I wanted from Top Shop was not at the NYC store and sold out online. It was a perfect black silk one-piece with a tie waist. I must have deleted the image in a fit of rage. But I'm still obsessed; I think the silhouette is a new basic.

Finding these online is a treasure hunt because the webmasters don't have a category for the hybrid. I guess the UK determined they'll last because Top Shop and others have a category for them, be it jumpsuit, onesie, romper, playsuit ... (further enabling your regression to age 4).

That being said, there are some actual dresses below too - all the style of a romper with none of the crotch!

Left to right from top:

1. Thakoon, $800 (a dress).

2. Top Shop, $90. Go! Don't let bad shopping timing happen to you!

3. Miss Selfridge, UK 35.

4. Heartloom, $145 (another dress).

5. Forever 21, $22.80. That extra 80 cents'll kill ya.

6. Vivienne Westwood, $915. That extra $800 bucks ...

Photo credits (left to right): Adeline R. on, find her here, Cavali campaign from the found on In Search of Little Sadie, That's Chic.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hair: A Girl Can Dream

So I started this post off like: OK, whatever, I will just show a surf picture and write some words about how I wish the sun would come out and I know it's only April, but a girl can dream.

But as an offering to the weather gods, here's summer in a bottle. You can buy it on the internet. You won't have to freeze your ass off in a totally inappropriate outfit; just do the hair.

(I don't know how much more people can write about beach hair, but I'm testing the limits tonight baby!)

1. Kusco-Murphy Beach Hair: $35. This product is from Austral
ia, has sand in it, and smells amazing but not like suntan oil. It is perfect.

2. John Masters Organics Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hai
r Texturizer: $21. It's like honey ... in a jar ... that you put in your hair. Somehow it makes your hair look and smell awesome without making it greasy or sticky. Plus they have free shipping.

3. Rebecca Bacon Beach Bag Elixir. $25. I have never tried this but read the testimonials on the site dudes!

Photo credits: Top image unknown, from Bazaar US. Bottom images (left to right from top): Nast, Christa Renee (both).

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dresses: Long Shot

They should come up with a better name for the long dress, because I personally don't want the word "maxi" associated with my summer wardrobe.

Old Navy calls them "town gowns," which brings to mind some lady stumbling out of bed at noon to buy supermarket wine in her nightie. (They call the short ones "midtown gowns," which, if you live in NY, is the most unattractive-sounding item since "UGG boot").

I think no one cares about these guys because too many have Forever 21 syndrome. They're too often made from some kind of horrible viscose blend and/or the print is slightly off.

But a good long dress is totally effortless and awesome, and I'm here to say there is redemption to found this summer in Maxitown:

Gala: Pucci, $3720 (jeez ... or you can buy a car).

Beach: Vintage, Fashion Dig, $125 (awesome, one of a kind, buy it or I will).

Max Studio, $198.

United Bamboo, on sale for $395.

Charley 5.0, $278.

Lunch: James Perse - no - C&C California ... psych!
Old Navy, $29.50. But it sold out online literally in the time it took me to write this post, so go to the store if you don't want it in solid black or pink stripes.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Outerwear: Leather or Not

On reviewing the Top Shop celebrations at Balthazar last week, something I read back in February came to mind. This obscure passage, from an (apparently) overlooked opus entitled "How to Rock in 2009" by Capuccino Bar, is translated from the mother Spanish by the author:

I don't know what a trend is. Maybe it's the result of people following a chosen set of momentary icons because they have no ideas of their own, or maybe it's just a vibe that, for some reason, everyone feels at the same time. But whatever a trend is, the leather jacket BE ONE.

Do these photos represent two nights at Balthazar or back-to-back performances of West Side Story by an all-girls school? And what happens if you lose your coat check ticket?

Anyway, here are a few alternative looks to inspire your quest to stay warm on chilly days and nights this Spring.

And here is a good one from ADAM.

Or you could just put on that jacket you bought last week ...

Credits: Opening image: Image by Holier, words by Capuccino Bar. All Balthazar images by from Alternative jackets (left to right from top):, Brook&Lyn, Karla's Closet, Le Blog de Betty. Final image: Text by Holier, photo by Hilde (A Doll's House).