Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dresses: Long Shot

They should come up with a better name for the long dress, because I personally don't want the word "maxi" associated with my summer wardrobe.

Old Navy calls them "town gowns," which brings to mind some lady stumbling out of bed at noon to buy supermarket wine in her nightie. (They call the short ones "midtown gowns," which, if you live in NY, is the most unattractive-sounding item since "UGG boot").

I think no one cares about these guys because too many have Forever 21 syndrome. They're too often made from some kind of horrible viscose blend and/or the print is slightly off.

But a good long dress is totally effortless and awesome, and I'm here to say there is redemption to found this summer in Maxitown:

Gala: Pucci, $3720 (jeez ... or you can buy a car).

Beach: Vintage, Fashion Dig, $125 (awesome, one of a kind, buy it or I will).

Max Studio, $198.

United Bamboo, on sale for $395.

Charley 5.0, $278.

Lunch: James Perse - no - C&C California ... psych!
Old Navy, $29.50. But it sold out online literally in the time it took me to write this post, so go to the store if you don't want it in solid black or pink stripes.


Elisa said...

I really like the one by Maz Studio! I'm very curvy so I tend to stay away from maxi dresses because I end up looking like a tree trunk, but I might wear one like that, in black with just a bit of pattern on the top, and just add a bit more definition in the waist.

The brown one is gorgeous!

And I would totally wear the first (gala) one if I was skinny.

Camille said...

I totally agree that a better name is in order. Hmmm... I'll have to think on that one! I'm not normally an Old Navy fan but the "lunch" dress would be perfect for this summer. And "beach" has my head swirling with images of outdoor get togethers.

aka "Camille"

Brook and Lyn said...

I'm looking for these long dresses as well..whatever the rightful name. Maxi for me reminds me of something else. Still looking for the perfect one to wear all summer.

Yuka said...

i love long dresses, i think they are so underrated. im glad you blogged about it!

kaitlyn said...

ooh i love the first and last ones.