Monday, April 06, 2009

Outerwear: Leather or Not

On reviewing the Top Shop celebrations at Balthazar last week, something I read back in February came to mind. This obscure passage, from an (apparently) overlooked opus entitled "How to Rock in 2009" by Capuccino Bar, is translated from the mother Spanish by the author:

I don't know what a trend is. Maybe it's the result of people following a chosen set of momentary icons because they have no ideas of their own, or maybe it's just a vibe that, for some reason, everyone feels at the same time. But whatever a trend is, the leather jacket BE ONE.

Do these photos represent two nights at Balthazar or back-to-back performances of West Side Story by an all-girls school? And what happens if you lose your coat check ticket?

Anyway, here are a few alternative looks to inspire your quest to stay warm on chilly days and nights this Spring.

And here is a good one from ADAM.

Or you could just put on that jacket you bought last week ...

Credits: Opening image: Image by Holier, words by Capuccino Bar. All Balthazar images by from Alternative jackets (left to right from top):, Brook&Lyn, Karla's Closet, Le Blog de Betty. Final image: Text by Holier, photo by Hilde (A Doll's House).


CapuccinoB. said...

Oh dear...
I love this.
I mean, just the fact that you think my words should be... read!

Those alternatives are great!

Ah, thanks! :) ♥


modern antoinette said...

Ahahah your post is so funny and I totally agree with Fu?k them and their rules...It's all about how you wear it!!


Kate said...

I love leather jackets! I think they are my favorite kind of outerwear.

Leather Jackets said...

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