Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hair: A Girl Can Dream

So I started this post off like: OK, whatever, I will just show a surf picture and write some words about how I wish the sun would come out and I know it's only April, but a girl can dream.

But as an offering to the weather gods, here's summer in a bottle. You can buy it on the internet. You won't have to freeze your ass off in a totally inappropriate outfit; just do the hair.

(I don't know how much more people can write about beach hair, but I'm testing the limits tonight baby!)

1. Kusco-Murphy Beach Hair: $35. This product is from Austral
ia, has sand in it, and smells amazing but not like suntan oil. It is perfect.

2. John Masters Organics Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hai
r Texturizer: $21. It's like honey ... in a jar ... that you put in your hair. Somehow it makes your hair look and smell awesome without making it greasy or sticky. Plus they have free shipping.

3. Rebecca Bacon Beach Bag Elixir. $25. I have never tried this but read the testimonials on the site dudes!

Photo credits: Top image unknown, from Bazaar US. Bottom images (left to right from top): Nast, Christa Renee (both).


Jenny said...

Hi! I'm a newcomer to Holier Than Now, so I just wanted to say hi. Loved this post. You can never say too much about beach hair--never.

Victoria C said...

Love the beachy look so much. Very cool post xx