Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I swear this is just a coincidence that both of these are Daria, although I did have the first one on my wall for six months while I was pregnant. When you have a growing basketball on your midsection, you really can hardly believe you will ever just wear a gray sweater with tight pants again.

Anyway, I love both of these. Look at the white tee in the second ... perfection (hate the fringe on the vest, but I can overlook that). Also, what is that sequined bib business (technically a Balmain "beaded suede sash")? That is the type of thing that I put on and I go running to my husband like: Hey, isn't this cool? And he looks at me like:

I'm not trying to be cute, that's really as close to the expression as I can get without taking a picture of him. This was his reaction when I showed him the feather ring. And he always says: "That's ridiculous." But in a nice way.

Image credits (from top): Paris Vogue, via Knightcat, Dog Time.


syd vicious said...

I love the first pic especially!

The Fancier said...

Love those bell bottomed looks. Such a fresh alternative the skinny trend.

P.S. Your picture looks like my dog!