Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Basics: Grey Ghosts

Photo credits (left to right, from top): William Wegman, Altamira, My Delusional Mind, Garance Doré for Vogue.fr.

Weimaraners (those grey hounds above) are nicknamed Grey Ghosts. Their coats are the same silvery grey in black and white or in color- no wonder Wegman loved taking their picture.

Sweatshirt grey is the perfect neutral to me. It flatters every skin tone (moreso than black or white I think), and it goes so beautifully with red lips or red nails. I think every basic should come in grey, but they don't! It took some time to round these up, but I want to buy them all and wear them until they fade into nothing.

From top row, left to right:

Forever 21 with neon seams, $9.80.

James Perse, $65.00.

Miss Selfridge, UK 20.00 (they ship to the U.S., pretty low shipping).

KAIN, $88.00.

J. Crew cashmere (an essential), $145.

Norma Kamali french terry blazer for Walmart, $20. Go to the store! It's not online, even though Bazaar says it is.


ithaa said...

Grey is the new black...
I love the look by garance doré!

Anonymous said...

Gray, Ropes & Gray.

Mads said...

gray is my love!! I love it especially in burned out cotton.. I found your blog through professionally trendy (link back page)..=) I'm a new blogger too!


Anonymous said...

Holy Fuckin Shit!
Kamali for WALMART im about to go over there now haha
I love quality clothing with unique cuts but my high taste level doesnt match my 19 year young broke age...:(..so anywhere i can trully follow my moms words that you cant get nice clothes that dont cost so much..which i dont really believe fully but this may change that..so thankYOu!!

your blog is awesome just thought i'd tell you, im so happy i finally ran into it

Anonymous said...

p.s. i LOVE that James Pearse tee! thats a definite and i have always loved grey i guess the rest ofthe world finally caught on...

Anonymous said...

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