Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh Mickey

It makes perfect sense to me that the only tee graphic with any authenticity left (after Urban Outfitters ruined "vintage" tees forever) is from the most tightly controlled licensor in the world. Maybe your BFF Miley can get you a soft grey tee with vintage Mickey doing jazz hands? Because they are impossible to come by.

Since Disney doesn't understand girls over the age of 13, the only covetable item available anywhere on the web (and believe me, I looked) is this men's grey sweatshirt. But I bet size small would be perfect.

Get it here.

Photo credits (clockwise from left ear): Unknown (girl with ears), Nast (leaning girl with vest), Bec Parsons company1.com.au via In Search of Little Sadie (girl on beach), Drew Barrymore in POP Magazine via src783, Yen (girl with blue dress, ears), Cobrasnake (girl in blue glasses).


holierthannow said...
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Anonymous said...

haha i will have to find my tshirt from 5th grade trip to disney and make it fit

caroussel said...

Great montage.

Interesting that the poses never change.

Never been big on Mickey myself, but it certainly works on those girls.


maud.harper said...

drew is amazing . shweet blog

♥ fashion chalet said...

great collage, I'm saving this into my Inspiration folder :) thanks!!