Monday, May 18, 2009

Back, again.

So I thought this subject deserved more attention (I posted some of these inspirations the other day, but I was too busy to do any more research). When I started searching for the buy-able items for this idea, I got very into it. So much is on sale, and I was inspired about ways to do the look ... some of the images are old, but the styling feels really relevant.

When I used to do shows (as a singer) back in the day, I actually made a black backless shirt with a piece of fabric and a piece of satin string. It had like ... 20 stitches total, sewn by hand. I used to wear it with a necklace that had a long chain at the back that was an extension of the clasp - but the idea of flipping a necklace, especially all the long ones around now, is appealing.

You may ask what you are supposed to do with the front ... and aren't the annoying touchy-feely people you know going to try to turn your necklace around when they see the clasp? I'm sure you'll figure it out ... add a charm to the clasp, layer with another necklace facing forward, etc.

The bottom line is: who cares when you have the drama at the back?

From top:

1. Indie Shopper dusty pink backless dress $185 +
Forever 21 pearl multi-strand necklace $16.80.

2. Urban Outfitters backless dress with built-in necklace $34.99

3. Leviticus silver harness $89 +
Boulee backless dress $135 (was $407!)

4. Top Shop multi-strand necklace $100 +
Cecilia de Bucourt gladiator tank (there's no direct link for some reason) $158

5. Fluxus basic backless top $46.50 (was $62)+
Forever 21 drop necklace $5.80 +
Forever 21 pendant necklace $11.80.

Photo credits (left to right from top): Ashley Olsen via Celebrity Gossip, Cobrasnake, Le Fashion, Sienna Miller via Team Sugar, Kate Bosworth via Daily Mail UK.


syd vicious said...

I love backless tops and dresses! And great picks on the necklaces too, especially that Leviticus harness.

P.S. I tagged you for an award. ;)

Vintage Tea said...

Backs can be so sexy! I love them all. The one with the tank under it is a pretty cool idea to wear a backless dress during the day

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Posh said...

Multichain necklace! <3