Friday, May 15, 2009

Feather or Not

I saw feather headbands at Urban Outfitters this Fall and I was like ... Eh, nice try. I think I almost tried one on, but it just seemed so pointless. When would I ever wear a feather headband?

But now that summer is here, it somehow makes sense. I'm not sure it's possible to rock something as whimsical (if I may use that stupid word) as a feather headband unless you are wearing only a white tee and jean shorts, or are attending Coachella, or better yet- you are wearing white tee-jean shorts-at Coachella.

Maybe you can make an exception and wear it with an excessively long dress, if you are the hostess of some kind of party in a field. And as for the wings ... there's always next Halloween.

Anyway, not surprisingly there are some really wearable ideas on Etsy:

Left to right from top:

1. Peace and Prophecy Feather Headband (2 images), $12.00
2. Vintage Hairclip, $40.00
3. Chanteuse Headdress, $30.00

And you must check out Littledoe, for the lookbook alone! Also, Pluma make some amazing headbands.

Photo credits (left to right from top): Sincerely Jules, Neil Krug, Bat for Lashes, Littledoe, Chris Godillier, Dmon Prunner.


Sol said...

not sure if you watch The City, but Erin (Whitney's friend) has a really nice collection of headbands, and once she wore one with feathers that looked pretty cool!
i'm def. giving this look a try when warm weather returns.

CAMILLE said...

love feather headpieces..saw a few good ones on etsy also

camille x

Anonymous said...

love the last one

Michelle said...

Love, love, love feathers! Great feature...I'm loving the inspirational shots in the beginning!

Go with the feathers, my will not be sorry! I have some hair feathers from, and I pretty much wear 'em every day, like a cartoon character...

Thanks for featuring my feather headband!

Lou said...

I have pretty much the exact same feathered headband as Erin wasson ( ) and just love wearing it. I tend to only sport it in the evenings, when going out for drinks or so, but it has also experienced an outing to the supermarket, cinema, BBQ, and weekend countryside trips. It just makes any outfit look more interesting!

mary jane said...

GORGEOUS images! so pretty! Feathers are a weakness of mine...
Thanks so much for featuring my black feathery hair clip too!

Mary Jane

Kristen said...

I love feathers and there are so many ways to wear them in your own personal way.

rachellovespeace said...

great post! i love my feather headbands i wear them a lot. makes me feel free like a bird. :)

Carlotta said...

I adore Littledoe headpieces , they're simply gorgeous!!

christian said...

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