Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boys on Top

There has been a lot of chatter on Twitter etc. about getting major haircuts. I think in the summer the urge to be free of your heavy mane is really strong. My husband always gets his hair shorn this time of year and I call it the Lamb Cut.

Anyway, I love that girls are fearlessly working these boy cuts and putting aside the idea that short hair (especially buzzed hair) is "butch" or is some kind of signal about sexual preference. Thanks Alice Dellal (although she kept the length).

And even if you're not ready to donate to Locks of Love, you can slick back your do on the sides and do the pompadour at the front ... which is so clean and sharp.

Photo credits (left to right from top): The Sartorialist, Jalouse via The Glossy, Raquel at WM via Le Fashion, Karla, Fucking Fucks blog (I cannot find the address even via Google), Nast, Copenhagen Street Style, Styleclicker.


Amanda said...

I have already cut mines off!!! I felt so free when I did and I love it. I might go shorter!!!

Solessence said...

You could rock this.

harps said...

I cut my hair real short once, its kind of liberating. definitely something you have to do once in your lifetime. its only hair afterall!

erinfaceface said...

Nice pictures!! I love the boy-cut right now. I chopped all mine off and dyed it blonde; fashionable androgyny ftw :D

TLT said...

I WANT to do try out this look but I just know I cannot pull it off! I love it on people who can though... it's very daring and fierce!