Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Basics: Cream of the Crop

I think this is a nice new basic to integrate into your fly life, but please wear something underneath ... although if you're at the beach in a bikini, you have an excuse to rock this with the bare midriff since you're practically naked anyway.

Here are the essentials:

Left to right from top:

1. American Apparel, quelle surprise, $16.00
2. Top Shop, Ms. Crop Sweat ... Shoulder Pads if you're nastay, $36.00
3. Top Shop, normalcy, $20.00
4. Elizabeth & James, $95.00

Photo credits (left to right from top): Numéro Tokyo c/o Le Fashion, Knightcat (both), Park & Cube, unknown.


Liz Colville said...

Kate Bozzie is such a loser but I love her.

TLT said...

Ahhh yes crop tees! I've been wanting to get one now! I'm thinking of just going w/ the AA one... excited to try out the look! :)