Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Baby Got Bun

Photo credits (left to right from top): Le Fashion, SRC783, Last Night's Party, outside Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 09 (source unknown), Paper Costumes, Glamcanyon.


harps said...

buns are cute! I want to try one out, but I ain't no model so chances are it won't be cute on me

harps said...

exchanging links is a fabulous idea, I'll go and do it now!
I read through all your posts last night, damn you are witty! I could try being funnier in my blog, but I'll just leave it to the experts.
p.s I'll give the bun a go, but how can I compete with Stam? She looks like she was born with that thing on her head.

Anonymous said...

How social media works: I @reply you on Twitter, someone clicks on your twitter profile, goes to your blog, sees the bun posts, MAKES A BUN OF THEIR HAIRS. LOLZ.

i no have enough hairz for dis style yet. :(


i wear my hair like this occasionally and get the biggest kick out of it :) deff recommend it. sooooo cute.

i like your blog along, you have cool style. laterrr


TLT said...

Love this look! The messy ballerina bun! By the way, your photo collages are amazing!