Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Negative Space

Photo credits & Where to Buy: Chloe Sevigny in I.D. Magazine c. 2000, Sass & Bide c/o Circa Now for sale on her Ebay now, Johnny and Kate from Johnny Depp Fan, The Haute Pursuit, Georgia in ru_glamour c/o Le Fashion, Shakuhachi via Circa Now, you can buy the top version here.

And lots of affordable options (left to right): Hot Topic stockings ($10), Miss Selfridge dress (45 quid), Top Shop slash mini dress/top ($40).


Anonymous said...

Love the title of your post, and the photos even more so.

caroussel said...

I love these 'here's the trend, here's how you get it' posts.

Your research is impeccable. I'm quite in love with the cut-out looks, as well as it's more grungy incarnations.. just not sure if I could pull it off.



i want that topshop dress too. i was just looking at it last night. possibly rockable with the AA mesh dress? hm.
check me out..


Tessa-Jay said...

Thanks babe!
I just updated the items too :)
Have a nice day x



Jenni said...

ok i will actually die without the sass and bide dress.....sooooo good! bidding from my phone as we speak :)