Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Cycle

You know when people ask designers and other fashionables: "What is your earliest fashion memory?" And inevitably they say, "My mom doing x wearing y." Well, that's not the case for me. I only have one fashion memory, and it is really creeping me out lately.

When I was some-young-age, I was obsessed with Madonna. I remember when her Time cover came out; I was so satisfied. Finally my world collided with my dad's world (he was a journalist). If Madonna was on
Time, then I wasn't just a stupid kid forcing my little sister to do dance routines with me in the basement. Adults were finally getting hip to something I had known all along. I was a seer. Maybe now they'd listen up.

I remember sitting in my backyard looking at my hand literally PRAYING that I would have some kind of transcendental moment and her black rubber bracelets and lace gloves would appear on my wrists. It seemed to me that if I wanted something THAT BADLY, I should be able to will it into existence. I snapped out of it a few minutes later, got up off the lawn, and resigned myself to bare-armed dorkdom.

People talk about the "freedom" of being a child. But unless your mom is on crack, you are not free. There is no way I was putting those hooker accouterments on my person and wearing them to school, even if Madonna or her baby Jesus made them appear.

But with adulthood, and a little bit of money, the closet is your oyster. And now I have reached a point in the time-trend continuum where the dreams of my youth can be realized at Claire's Accessories.

Too bad I don't want this crap anymore!

Cheers to being old and over it.
Image credits: Pani magazine October 2009, vintage Madonna via The Art of Smoking.


The Fancier said...

So very true! My mother dear would have no parts of anything I would want to wear nor would she have let me. However, my grandma was a devout Catholic so I would drape myself in her lace headcoverings and rosaries ala Madonna style and of course being a grandma, she would let me.


Back in the days when she was so cool :)