Monday, April 27, 2009

Shoes: Gladihaters

The gladiator sandal reappeared as a trend in contemporary times in the years MMIV- MMV.

Yes, it was
over four years ago that Tara Subkoff did them for Easy Spirit, and the powers that be (WWD Accessories being one offender) are still trying to tell us that they are NEW for Spring. Listen, when the main sections of ALDO's website are "Pumps," "Shoes," "Sandals," "Boots," "Gladiator Glory," you know this style is not so edgy and NEW.

Anyway, I am not in Rome and I am not doing as the Romans/every girl on the L train. I couldn't even buy a shirt at Top Shop because I kept thinking of all the other people that would own it. So here are results of my search for something flat, sandalish, and mildly original (left to right from top):

1. Tapeet Vicini thong sandal $394.95

2. BCBG stretch sandal $198.00

3. Alexandra Cassaniti Summer Bummer slides $165

4. Roberto Del Carlo pink wedges $398

5. Pedro Garcia slides $360

6. Steve Madden bronze snake slide $49.95

P.S. I think the Birkenstock silhouette is the next Gladiator. Image credit: Iliyan Petkov.


Mads said...

Gladihaters - i like that word haha!!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. I like to think I may have had some small part in this. I actually spent my lunch hour at an old favorite - SHOEGASM - and left h8ing with my debit and credit lines intact. I then ventured next door to that other place and found the glitziest most bells-and-whistles-y gladiator iterations I've seen yet. The only reason I again left with monies intact is that I am too pale. But I bookmarked them in my brain. They were only $68.

The goal here is to find something versatile yet special. i.e. neutral colors but NOT something you'd see every day. Some pair I could wear several times a week in the summer and then give a funeral to in October.


wow, you just managed to make me strongly dislike my last years gladiators that I am too poor to update. lol. mission accomplished. i love a good hate tho, dont get me wrong :)

howeverrrrrr, i did just find a new & unique pair of sandals on that i swear, no one will have. no too mention they are like $17 bucks. sweet.

can we throw "shoes with fringe" into the "things that arent cool" category?