Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Accessories: Tie Food

These are so cute! Take a look at each outfit: each is made up of fairly basic items worn in a simple way (cardigan or v-neck over white collared shirt - what's new) but the tie makes it special.

American Apparel is selling some gigantic weird tie thing and I'm sure there's a video where they show you how to use it as a scarf, belt, bow tie, resistance exerciser, sex toy, etc., but I refuse to even link to it because you can save the money and use something you already have, or make one, or thrift one.

Photo credits (left to right from top): Ebba N. on Lookbook.nu, Brook & Lyn, Molly M. on Lookbook.nu, Sheryl O. on Lookbook.nu, Léa B. on Lookbook.nu.

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