Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I bought something

I got these shoes a few days ago. I was looking at Roberto Del Carlo shoes and the salesgirl was really giving me the hard sell on them ... but I kept turning over every shoe to look at the price and handing them right back to her. They were like $300-something! And then I said, wait what about these? I looked at the price and they were very reasonable. I told the girl that they were obviously the Poor Man's Roberto Del Carlo and she reluctantly agreed. Then I got them! My one pair of shoes for the summer.

My sister asked me how I can walk in them. It's easy; they aren't that high. I do walk down stairs kinda funny though. Importantly, my feet don't get dirty walking around NYC as I am raised above the Earth as if on my own personal
litter (that's a thing one lies on when one has slaves to carry ... one)--

I checked out the website of the brand (Antelope) and these aren't on there, furthermore the shoes that are on there are quite hideous. Strange!


Anonymous said...

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Denise said...

cool blog. btw cute shoes. hihi have a great day!