Thursday, April 23, 2009

The First Thing a Girl Gives Up in the Recession: Her Pants

The evolution of jean shorts in nine easy pieces:

The Retro: similiar
here, here, and low-waisted version here.
The Eightie: buy it here.
The Nerd: similar dork-chic
The Waisted:
The D.I.High: similar
The Classic: similiar
The Barely: similar
The Undie: Make your own using
these or these, or buy similiar here.
The Thong: make your own please.

I know I am missing some real winners like the long skinny short and the garter short (from here), but I'd like to retain my eyesight, thanks very much.

So you're already over the jean short? Want to stay ahead of the pantsless game? Here are some inspirations for this summer and beyond.

And remember, in the future when you're wearing hotpants like it's totally normal, no one can hear you scream (except this guy ... when you wake up next to him).

Photo credits (left to right from top):
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caroussel said...

Great pics.

Gosh people have done awful things to shorts over the years.

Let's hope for a more sensible future..

Jessie77 said...

ROTFL! love this post!

Fashiongrail said...

Haha you should see some of the shorts worn here in Florida!

Fashion Fille said...

tag, you're it! (aka i tagged you at my blog. :)))))