Wednesday, September 16, 2009

7 things I like OK about you, Fall 2009

Fashion week is pretty much over (did it ever really begin?). I saw some fools today at Bryant Park just wearing WAYWAYWAY too much stuff ... like I could have started a new blog called Tryin2Hard and had two months of posts from what I saw. MY EYES! The layering of 100 ridiculous items in a "haphazard" way must stop.

Anyway, this pretty much sums up what I will be wearing this fall:

1. Some kind of riding-inspired black jodhpurs - leather in the form of the pants or the half-chaps mentioned in a previous post.

2, 3. Black blazer, black or dark grey cotton clingy skirt.

4. Army jacket over black. ** NEVER THE FLANNEL. I have a short cotton and a long waterproof version of this whole scene.

5. New silhouette pea coat - looking to find an 80's coat with shoulder pads, then will tailor in the waist.

6. Short black leather gloves.

7. Fur vest over black long-sleeve. [Oh Zoe she di'int!]

It's busy around here. Soon we are moving to an apartment with three huge closets** from an apartment with ONE microscopic one so you can only imagine how much shopping-in-the-closet will happen when I start organizing everything.

A few other things I am glad about for Fall:

*Wearing black with white - you always felt like you were Hannah or her sisters catering an event, until now.

*Erin Wesson hibernating in one of Alexander Wang's orifices.

*Retailers finally coming out with items I loved 100 posts ago and am now over.

** It is cheaper than our current apartment and kinda in the middle of nowhere - just in case you think I am getting too big for my half chaps over here.

Credits (top to bottom): Altamira, Stockholm Street Style, Charlotte Ronson, Sincerely Jules, Steven Meisel, Olsens Anon.

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TLT said...

Love your fall wishlist, especially #1. I'll be on a lookout for a pair the ones that the girl in the pic is sporting!