Saturday, August 22, 2009


So I wanted this:

Then I was thinking seriously about these Rachel Roy boots as an alternative:

But they don't seem to be available anywhere yet, and I think they might be a little cheesy. So I went to my trusty fall boot source, Dover Saddlery, where your $200 will buy you something that is 50x the quality of something like an Aldo boot and will last way beyond one season. There, I discovered my old friend the half chap:

A half chap is a sleeve of leather or other material that you put on over a boot, bootie or shoe. It hooks under like a stirrup pant. Imagine what you could do with these and a pair of oxfords ... instant boot! In my case, I already have a pair of high Ariat boots, I just want to have that extra layer for looks.

The ones above are only $39.90
, saving me approximately $300 on a new pair of boots.

There are also versions with fringe! Imagine the possibilities here.

Image source (top): Jak + Jil Blog.

2 comments: Maegan said...

working on a pair of DIY ones now ;)

harps said...

great find, show us the results if you buy them!