Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keep Keep Beading, Luv

Today I went up to midtown NYC and checked out the bead stores (rows and rows of semi- and precious stone beads hanging on about 1 ft. long strings). I could spend hours wandering around weird areas of midtown: the fur blocks, the trim/ribbon blocks, the diamond district...

I have some necklace ideas based around
curb link chains, but I couldn't find any that weren't apparently made of tin with a gold spray paint coating. So I changed paths and now I'm thinking of making some "fine" versions of cheap beaded junk you find in a bin at a thrift store (pony beads, etc.). I think it would be cool to use a "plastic" color palette, but the green is jade, the pink is coral, etc.
One of these days I'll show ya'll what becomes of this little inspiration!

Image sources (top to bottom): Cobrasnake, David Joseph Perez

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