Thursday, August 27, 2009

Encapsulated: Part I

I have a fantasy about a capsule wardrobe. I do throw a lot of things out/sell them to Beacon's Closet/Ebay them because I generally believe less is more ... however I cannot seem to tell myself that when I am actually IN A STORE. I am a long way from having just five or ten things, but I am always trying to pare down.

This may be a sartorial cliché, but it should certainly be in the capsule:

Image credits (from top): Paraniv, Le Fashion, Vogue France via TFS, Capuccino Bar.

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C said...

great post!

i think all of us like the idea of a capsule wardrobe but probably lack the guts to throw out our 'special occasion' pieces, pieces that we only wear once in a while but love as much as the pieces we grab for time and time again ... and at heart i know i'm a hoarder!