Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall Into the Trap

Today I stumbled into the Gap and I was kind of amazed. First of all they have a sick promotion, 2 for 1 sweaters and shirts - Fall transition stuff too, not unwearable sale stuff. I got a couple of things but most importantly I fell into a double trap! I bought a jacket which is 1) an "it" item for Fall that every friggin' one is going to have 2) a mass version of something that could easily be found at a vintage/army-navy store.

Here is it on Sincerely Jules:

Isn't that so well-styled with the bright dress? I love it. Anyway, the jacket was soft and wonderful. Here it is online.

I hate feeling like I'm going to see someone wearing this and I'm going to be wearing it and we're going to be secretly winking/barfing to each other about it as we pass. So I think I'm going to customize the back:

I like the white paint. I'll tell you what I'm not going to write though: QUE SERA, SERA. [EYEROLL].

Also let me make a boring public service announcement: back up your computer if you haven't lately. I just had a scare with an external drive which was really acting as my main hard drive. It just stopped spinning, wasn't recognized, etc.

That being said, if you ever think you've lost an external drive DO NOT send it off into the ether to have your "data recovered" for $1000 or whatever until you or someone professional checks to make sure it is the drive, not the ENCLOSURE. I saved $900 today, thanks Lizzyville.

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