Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Obsession - Elation - Depression

So I know it's Fall but I still really want these dumb shoes!

I hunted them down this summer and here they are in reality:

They were $770. SEVEN SEVEN-TEE! How insane. Anyway, if you are a size 10, here they are for $307.53 (that 53 cents'll kill ya).

Today I found these on Etsy.

They are $29! They are vintage Cherokee. Don't you think some Henry Cuir intern must have found them and brought them to his attention? I almost bought them before I remembered that shoes have a size and 9 is not mine.

Anyway the good news is there are more things like this (here) and I have faith that a size 7 will materialize... probably next Spring at Aldo when I will be over them.

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TLT said...

Those woven clogs are freakin' amazing!! How in the world did you ever hunt them down! Awesome!!