Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Def.: Trying Too Hard

I get what this girl is trying to do, I like the rings a lot, but seriously: this multiple watch trend is idiotic. Why are you busting out your ugly-a** watches? I try not to say negative things about people's looks but I hate "easy" trends like this. Oh, what's new this week? Oh, 5039 watches? Ok lemme go over my Aunt Ruth's and get busy in her jewelry box ... DUH-HU-UMB.

I realize the first image is actually fake tats from the Chanel show - so I should be so offended and say this is totally unoriginal, from a brand, and you got it free at a show, and get a life - but actually I love it. I have been trying to get a "bracelet" tattoo for years. I was told by a few artists that I wouldn't be happy with it because the circle wouldn't be straight all the way around (I still don't understand this). I also saw a person from my past with a new bracelet tattoo and that freaked me out a little.

The second look: I had a men's watch like this and I took it to trade in for a Cartier tank and the guy literally stole it, said I never left it there, is a total crook ... etc. Don't ever go here for any reason. I wish I had it back now.

ALAS. He is probably rocking 20 watches for Fall, mine being one.

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andro said...

i literally adore your comments - they are hilarious!! please do update ur blog more often :)