Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Basics: Clean Kicks

Spring presents footwear problems. In fall and winter you live in boots, then the somewhat warmer weather tempts you to ditch the tights and go boots/bare legs. I urge you to visit some midtown Manhattan bars on a Friday night; you will see ladies that make you rethink this look. And your sandals/flip flops are in hibernation where they belong until it's at least 70 out.

Like a Cadbury Creme Egg, canvas sneakers were born for Spring! They become deliciously relevant right around April, especially in shades of white.

Like a hip hop star, buy more than one pair because once they get dingy you have to throw them out. (I only buy Feiyue, and I buy several at once ... they are so cheap!)

1. John Varvatos for Converse. $95. The lack of laces is appealing.

2. F-Troupe. UK 20 quid. Dance-tastic in plastic.

3. Feiyue. Low tops $64. Available on their site (they ship to the US) and at Lion's Den (also check Urban Outfitters). BEWARE! The martial arts stores on the internet, including Amazon, sell counterfeits!

4. Tretorn. $55. Nicely understated.

5. PAM. $128.50. Gourmet from Australia.


proudly says, said...

Congratulations on the baby.
Is he or she?

I love chuck taylor's shoes.

p.s. thank you soo much for the lovely comments on my previous post.

Maverick said...

I love those! hehe, and I love cadbury eggs :D


dandywarhol said...

i like plimsolls, i like your blog, im linking you.