Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Accessories: Bargain Binns

Tom Binns' Faux Real jewelry collection is an inspiration. You stroll through the Fort Greene flea market armed with a pair of pliers and tell yourself you can make these. Dream on Martha! After removing the Superglue from your tender fingertips and logging off Etsy, take a moment to explore the undeniable influence of the CFDA award-winning ('06) Binns.

1,2,3. The real deal is somewhat hard to come by, try Net a Porter and Shop Bop, or go to his flagship Megastore.

4. Vintage (make sure the mix is magpie enough, like this Sherman piece, and relish spending your money at something called AZillion Sparklz).

Top Shop.

6,7. Erickson Beamon for Target. Which came first? Chicken, egg, Binns?

8. The next generation ... Katherine Sturgis. Not so much a bargain but the one-of-a-kind factor is worth it. Thanks to Something Picasso for highlighting this talent.


Linda said...

Thanks for the shoutout! Mmmm I love me some Tom Binns and Katherine Sturgis...

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me^