Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bags: Brown is the New Bag

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The time will come - maybe this weekend, maybe next weekend, but some day soon, you'll open up your Spring/Summer trunk, closet area, wing of your estate, whatever to see what works this time around.

And chances are, if you spent any time last year at Forever 21, H&M or even Top Shop, half that sh*t is going straight to the charity shop. Even your little sister doesn't want that has-been junk.

So slow down you fast fashion freak! Let's talk about long-term investments. Maybe brown bags aren't just for your frugalista lunch. There's a bare-bones timelessness about this line-up that feels right and will last you at least through next Fall (kinda like that severance package).

From top:

Avril Gau Grady 420 Euros

Duluth Pack Classic Leather Purse (yes, that is the name) $150

Coach Originals Rambler's Legacy $258 (I really dislike most Coach stuff, but these old schoolers are awesome, make a note to yourself to check your mom's closet for some original originals).

Tila March Bonnie Shoulder Bag $895 (there's a darker version on sale here for $595).

Rebecca Minkoff Stud Roadie $575 (for the high-risk investor that wants to bet on this studs business).


Anonymous said...

fake brown leather is so cheap looking but I can't afford any of these : ( but I LOVE

Trina said...

These are great and I've seen a lot of this stuff around right now, you can find bags like this in good thrift stores for $30-50.