Thursday, December 10, 2009


This would have been a shopping post but it's impossible to find a decently priced long dress appropriate for winter (unless by winter you mean a choral recital). Hello? American Apparel? Isn't a cotton stretch piece of cloth with only 2 seams and the potential to cost $98 right up your alley?

But, next year (starting in Spring), ya'll know we are all going to be tripping over ourselves because long is the new
oops that guy just saw my whole a** when I bent over.

I think this could work now though, because a) boots are flat this season b) you need an excuse to wear that leather jacket you bought a month ago when it was warmer out. Bundle up people! At least your legs will be warm:

Credits left to right from top: Styleclicker, Natalie Suarez, Brook&lyn, Unknown Kate Moss, Hanneli.

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SomedayNewYorker said...

Gorgeous dress. Great winter dress ideas.