Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Everybody wins

Seriously, if you are living in a large city and not doing the majority of your vintage shopping on Etsy, you might be crazy. I have really fallen in love with this marketplace because the prices are sane. In NYC especially, I'm sure L.A. too, vintage prices are just silly these days. As a former vintage seller, it really turns my stomach to pay $89 for an old sweater that I know in my heart came from the Salvation Army.

Anyway, on a positive note, remember this post? Well, I have fulfilled my dream:

For only $34! I love this seller, there's a lot of other beautiful stuff here. But just in case you think I am gloating, I found some things for ya'll. Please, I beg you, somebody, snatch these up. They are vintage, but so NOW:

$45! Perfect detail. Size 6, buy them here.

And these remind me a lot of what Fashion Toast has been doing lately. $85, size 8. That's not super cheap, but you'll be the only person wearing them (= priceless). See them here.

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