Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Vaycay Day 5: In the Hood & A Question

So it has been thundering and raining here in Fire Island. My man and I woke up in the night and turned to look at each other in alarm. We were both sitting straight up at the end of the bed like WHAT!? The thunder literally shook the house.

Anyway, I brought exactly one hooded sweater and have worn it every day so far. I love a hood. If I had to choose one item of clothing to represent my spirit - my totem article, so to speak - it would be a black cashmere hooded sweater (worn with the hood up). That says pretty much everything you need to know about my personality; make of it what you will. ; )

So what's your totem article?

Photo credits (from top): Unknown (sorry), Melanie Ward (stylist), Chris Buck.

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Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

for me, it's an outerwear like a vest, a jacket, a cape. preferably drapey, nothing too restrictive.

i dunno what to make of your choice of totem article - i only know you have good taste :P