Monday, June 15, 2009

don't hate us for hiatus

I have to take a break from this blog for a while and figure out what, if anything, it should be.

Web 2.1 is fascinating to me from a marketing perspective and that's why I got into this racket in the first place. There is nothing I am more passionate about in my personal professional life than BRAND IDENTITY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP, and this year has been a milestone for both. Consumer brands - from the worldweary to the spanking new - are stepping off the ship, bleary-eyed, shielding their eyes from the light of the New World. It's 1492 up in this bitch (so to speak)!

(Just look at Facebook, which had flatlined somewhere on your mom's desktop and has, in my opinion, been kept alive by a transfusion of marketers' blood. How did they know to rush over there? Twitter.)

Back to 1492: we all know the new territory is incredibly exciting, full of opportunity that was truly out of reach heretofore, rife with
peril, etc. The Knightcats of the world are powerful case studies, having built veritable brands without "original" content (that was a compliment, Cat) and without making a spectacle of their personal lives.

I think I get how this happens now and I'm psyched to have the web-presence dance move down; I just don't know that I need to be busting it alone in my living room every night. I'll save it for the di$co.

One of the things I want to think about in my "time off" is the monetization question - not because I think this blog will ever be eligible, but because there are so many significant blogs that do not get real payback from the commercial realms they influence on the daily. I don't think the proceeds from Rumi's MANY future modeling gigs will come anywhere close to the value of her brand/audience.
By the way, Knightcat's coming out with her own line of handbags (click here to see them)!

And in closing, I think we can all agree that reading someone's tweet/Facebook status/blog sure is not the same as calling them to see what's up. Now go watch that lion on YouTube!