Saturday, June 06, 2009

Vaycay Day 2-3: Favorite

This is the ONLY fashion editorial that's made it into my personal scrapbook (which, for the most part, contains things that are relevant to real life: interior decorating inspirations, etc.)

I loved it in 2002 (US Vogue, shot by Craig McDean), but it's all the more intriguing given that Maggie Rizer is no longer a high fashion model.

Her stepfather back home in upstate N.Y. "managed" the $7 million fortune she amassed in her heyday, gambling the entire thing away on Quick Draw lotto and leaving her $2 million in debt to the I.R.S. Can you imagine? I don't even know how one person can have the time to buy that many lotto tickets.

Her story is like the plot of a movie where Anne Hathaway is (once again) miscast as someone endearing yet hot, mixed with a Bruce Springsteen song.

If you never caught the story when they were shopping it around, read it here.


Liz Colville said...

That is fucking AWFUL. I had no idea. I was wondering why she was such a biatch on Make Me A Supermodel and now it makes a little more sense.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Wow, great photos, very intense!
Terrible story about her life, horrible step father!

fashiongrail said...

Fabulous photos!

Sol said...

really cool editorial. not many editorials make it into my scrapbook either, main reason is because i only tend to like one or two pictures instead of the whole thing.

hope you having an awesome vacation!

ps. thank you for the super sweet comments!

pebble said...

love the blog.. now following... great job~!!!