Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Great Minds Think in White

This post goes out to Knightcat, thanks for the reminder!

What is summer without the quest for the perfect white sundress? Remember when the entire universe was obsessed with
this one? That was like the "Macarena" of Michael Kors's career.

Anyway, moving away from the lace/crochet/bell sleeve thing ... how can you go wrong with a soft white cotton dress? I seriously have been dreaming about finding the perfect gauzy, layered version since I saw
Leisl jumping around the gazebo in The Sound of Music.

In hopes of getting one step closer to fulfilling this dream, here are MANY to choose from:

Left to right from top:

1. Miss Selfridge halter neck, UK 20.
2. Top Shop with studs, $80.
3. French Connection Michael Kors sub-reference, $148
4. Adam tuxedo style $170 (was $425, if you are a size 6 you are in luck)
5. Marlene Birger angel sleeve $249
6. Jessica Simpson pouf sleeve (no, seriously), $128
7. Walter blouse-style $268
8. Forever 21 simple perfection $22.90
9. Marc by Marc Jacobs V-neck awesomeness $448*

* I really endeavor to avoid crappy image quality, but sometimes the sites just do not hook me up.

Photo credits (from top): Le Fashion (source unknown), Roger Deckker, Leslie Lessin (stylist), Marlene Marino.

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