Thursday, September 03, 2009

Manic at the Disco

Back in 1995ish when I moved to New York, I got very into Manic Panic. I don't actually remember how this happened, but I bet I just saw the rainbow rows of jars in Ricky's and that was the end of that. I do know for sure that no one I hung out with was dyeing their hair shades of purple and pink. People must have thought it was a little weird since my style was not punk nor grunge nor goth. For the most part, I just did the underside of the back of my head, so that you saw the color when my hair was in a pony tail.

Anyway, expect a lot of people to be busting out the paintbox in the next couple of years - people who you did not think would ever dye their hair a truly unnatural color. I just feel it coming. I am especially feeling the pastel tones; they have crossover appeal.

Image credits (from top): Stockholm Street Style, POP Fall Winter 09 via Fashion Gone Rogue, Cobrasnake, Vogue Italia via Fashion Gone Rogue.


Fashion Fille said...

what a coincidence that i just recently got pink extensions put in. posted about it on my blog- check it out! i love my pink hair!

harps said...

I love the lilac hair in the second shot. Shame my hair is black, it'd take all sorts of stripping/bleaching to dye it an exciting colour

Anonymous said...

i hope it comes back full force..

i remember my vidal sassoon L with purple up by my bangs and a strip of fuchsia in the back..aww

"recycle couture"